What is Eco5000

ECO5000 is a cement admixture to solidify soil, mud and incinerated ash. It is possible to manufacture a non-firing bricks.

Not only the reduction of industrial waste, we can expect a significant economic effect by making use of the local soil and mud. In addition, you can obtain a large effect, such as ground improvement in combination with the method of special civil works. It is possible to obtain a water permeability and water retention.]

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Soil solidification test report using ECO5000

In this experiment, we feel a great deal of potential in the ECO5000. Perhaps its strengths, I think that expression speed of early strength. ~C.E.Management Integrated Laboratory Co.Ltd~

Kurikara soil field ECO5000 Test result (Extract)

Test is conducted the test for the purpose of understanding of the nature of the time of a mixture of pit sand (Kurikara development production) to general-purpose solidifying agent GS-200 (50kg / m3 addition) and FlatPlugResin/ECO5000 [5% (50-fold dilution) did. The test results, the case of mixing the ECO5000 was found to exhibit a high uniaxial compressive strength than the case not to mix ECO5000.

ECO5000 With Without
Material age
Uniaxial compressive strength
7 days 7 days
(85%p dmax) qu(kN/m2)  375.86  287.55
(90%p dmax) qu(kN/m2)  482.04  405.57
(95%p dmax) qu(kN/m2)  689.65  596.41
(Tightly packed) qu(kN/m2)  815.97  717.95

The relationship between the presence or absence of a flat plug addition of the uniaxial

Stirred and mixed with local soil and sand, extremely excellent physical properties and knead in the cement paste of the ECO5000 will appear. It is a report of carried out the performance test in the field.

kurikara-1 kurikara-2
Kurikara soil field The making of yard 3/14~16
kurikara-3 kurikara-4
ECO5000 Weighing 3/14~16 ECO5000 (50 times dilution) 3/14~16
kurikara-5 kurikara-6
To mix and knead Kurikara soil together 3/14~16 Transported in conveyor  3/14~16
kurikara-7 kurikara-8
Transported in conveyor  3/14~16 Make embankment 3/16
kurikara-9 kurikara-10
Compaction in the shovel car 3/17 Coring 3/18
kurikara-11 kurikara-12
Permeability test 3/23 Permeability test 3/23