FlatPlugResin 2000

アセット6What is FlatPlugResin 2000

    • FlatPlugResin (FlatPlugResin) 2000 is high-performance water reducing agent of concrete. It gives high fluidity/reinforcement of concrete.
    • FlatPlugResin2000 is a silica-based polycarboxylic acids compound. It realized the remarkable higher early strength, high density.
    • When FlatPlugResin2000 is added in the concrete, high-performance concrete is made. It makes shortened the construction period too.

Reduction of water, strength up of the concrete

  • Because fluidity increases by addition of FlatPlugResin2000, the concrete can reduce quantity of addition of the water. Therefore a water cement ratio (W/C) is improved, and quantity of shrinkage decreases, and strength of the concrete rises.
  • Compare to other water refuser, FP2000 gives high durability and more resistance to crack, abrasion, permeability and corrosion. So, it is more suitable for product which is required high strength bridge, dam, tall building, require over 30N construction.


Save time and money

  • FlatPlugResin2000 reduces cement quantity up to 40%……12% more than other admixtures.
  • FlatPlugResin2000 achieves minimum compressive strength in as little as 3-7days which in generally gained 28days, thus saving more than 21days in labor cost.
  • FlatPlugResin2000 can largely reduce consumption in comparison with a general polycarboxylic acids-based high-performance water reduction agent. Therefore it is lower-budget than a conventional construction method, and high fluidity appears.

Construction method

FlatPlugResin2000 is added in the ready mixed concrete and casts it after performing a high-speed turn for 2-3 minutes, and having stirred it enough. The standard consumption for cement 0.6-5% (the weight ratio). The examination stirring, please reach by all means to calculate appropriate consumption. Please calculate as some unit quantity of water.


Slump Test:(University of Miyazaki

Additive Rate W/C S / a Unit quantity(㎏/㎥)
(wt%) (%) (%) W C S G
A 0 40 55 165 413 993 797
B 1.9 40 55 165 413 993 797





Slump flow(cm)

Add 1.90% of FlatPlugResin 2000

A ーーーーー ーーーーー
B 4.9 sec. 56.0×54.0



Permeability test result is below.



The location of measurement of the permeation

depth is showed in photograph -1. Permeation depth is showed in photograph-

2.The location of measurement assumed it 1cm, 4.5cm, 7.5cm from the end and

performed five places of measurement. The penetration depth shows the mean of

three places of values except the maximum and the minimum.