FlatPlugResin EIKEN

We have been to expand the solutions business to eliminate the trouble related to the concrete more than 30 years.
From the experience, it has succeeded in the development of flat plug Resin (FPR) that can fundamentally solve the various drawbacks of concrete.
We contribute to our customers around the world including Japan.
As "construction consultant and designer",
we are responsible for the small renovation of a few square meters to renovation of large stadium.

Flat plug Resin (FPR) was developed in the hands-on approach.
The quality of the concrete is greatly improved,
the construction period has been significantly shortened.
But FPR had a great potential for more than we had thought.
The following innovative product was born from FPR. Solidification of the soil,
the flow of ready-mixed concrete, thermal barrier mortar,
"no firing bricks". We continue to develop and experiment every day.

We aim to global companies that can contribute to global challenges
such as reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution improvement,
we will continue to grow along with the FPR.

About FPR

Chemical Brick

ECO5000 is a cement admixture to solidify soil, mud and incinerated ash. It is possible to manufacture a non-firing bricks.


FlatPlugResin (FPR) 2000 is high-performance water reducing agent of concrete. It gives high fluidity/reinforcement of concrete.